Tukibon Naton Blogging Seminar

October 22, 2018
The Delicious Affair of Food Blogging
May 15, 2019

Tukibon Naton Blogging Seminar

With the vast resources found on the internet, it is often difficult to filter what needs to be done and what must be avoided. Face-to-face interaction still has its advantages when it comes to technology transfer. Recently,
MBA and ETEEAP (Expanded Tertiary Education Equivalency and Accreditation Program) students of La Consolacion College-Bacolod had the privilege to hear it straight from the NegrenseBloggers everything they need to know about blogging.

The seminar is an outreach project of the LCC-Bacolod School of Graduate Studies and Continuing Education and the Negrense Blogging Society, Inc. Coordinated by Jojo Vito of TheHappyTrip.com, a professor in LCC-Bacolod and Negrense Blogger himself, the seminar allowed the students to learn the basics of blogging and seek answers to their queries.

1.) Writing Style and Niche Writing by Claire Marie Algarme

The very basic skill needed for blogging is writing. Although certain blogs are in a form of photos or graphics or videos, a copy is still needed to describe the posts. With that, a blogger must be able to know the elements and various styles in writing. Claire of Firsttimetravels.com discussed these in detail and shared the different niches that aspiring bloggers may focus on their blogs.

Claire Marie Algarme talked about Writing Style and Niches in Writing. Photo by Dhadha Garcia.

2.) Wordpress for Beginners by Eduardo Joven

Blogging can be both a hobby and a business. While others do it on the side and for free, there are those that have generated income out of it and professionalized the blogging industry. Ed of the BacolodLifestyle.com revealed how he has earned from blogging through SEO, affiliate marketing and other means. He showed how one can create a blog through platforms, such as WordPress.com, and the different ways to start a blog.

Students had a preview on how to create a blog on WordPress through the talk of Eduardo Joven. Photo by Dhadha Garcia.

3.) Inspiring others to blog by Maria Sigrid Lo

Becoming a blogger has its perks, but it also exposes one to the public eye. Sigrid of SigridSays.com gave the students an overview of her blogging journey, including tips on how to manage to blog amidst the various roles one may have in the family and in society. She also inspired the audience to take on blogging as a path to pursue their dreams.

Maria Sigrid Lo inspired the students to blog, express themselves and follow their dreams. Photo by Claire Marie Algarme.

Capping the seminar with a bang was the introduction of the Negrense Blog Awards with the theme of “Negros Occidental: Tukibon Naton”. Glady Reyes of ExperienceNegros.com explained the theme and introduced the criteria for free for joining, including the prizes for the winners, which piqued professionalized the of the students.

Glady Reyes explained the Negrense Blog Awards theme, criteria, mechanics and prizes. Photo by Claire Marie Algarme.

The open forum provided an avenue for the students to ask about dealing with comments from readers, blogging etiquette and coming up with objective write-ups. It cleared the air that not all blogs are meant to make a review of a particular product, service or establishment. Some write-ups are intended to only inform readers of the offerings in a feature writing form or announce an event, opening or new offering in a news format.

LCC-Bacolod’s MBA and ETEEAP students with the Negrense Bloggers. Photo from Dhadha Garcia.

Despite the millions of blogs that are available in cyberspace nowadays, there is still a need to further educate the public on what blogging is all about. There are many individuals who are interested to know how to start and maintain one. Also, educating the public about blogging will allow more people to understand and open their minds on the different styles of blogging, the intricacies of this growing industry, and the roles bloggers have in various niches.

Claire Marie Algarme
Claire Marie Algarme
Claire Marie Algarme is a freelance writer, content and marketing specialist, and columnist. She worked in the PR and marketing communications field for two decades. Claire loves to travel, know various cultures, and taste different cuisines. She blogs at http://firsttimetravels.com.

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